National Pretzel Day = Pretzel Toffee Flavor? April 18 2014

Yes, yes, and more yes. Since we're all settled in our store, we're now getting to do what we've always wanted to do: make more flavors!


National Pretzel Day is April 26th which only means that we're bringing back one of the best flavors (one of Jena's all time favorites). Introducing Salted Dark Chocolate Pretzel toffee. In fact, we had to close a little early last night just to make our first small batch of this über tasty craft candy.

We're celebrating until the end of the month or until we sell out... limited bags available.

Stop by at our store or order it in a 4oz bag as well as our classic 8oz bag. 



Buy Salted Dark Chocolate Pretzel toffee flavor here!