Organic Ingredients Pt. 1 April 23 2014

I may be biased, but sometimes, the toffee we make is more of a sensory experience- usually paired with a good cup of coffee. The taste, smell, and overall feel of something we make for you in our San Diego kitchen has a lot to do with where we get our ingredients. What I'm saying is that our nut-infused craft candy would mean little to nothing without Jaffe Bros. They're a small, local farm located in Valley Center that sells what they harvest as raw an untreated as can be. If you've been watching SweetBricks over the years, you've seen that our prices have gone up a bit. Naturally, it's the only way to make up for all of the organic ingredients we use in our toffee. Sure, it might be the difference in taste, but it's also the difference between handcrafted candy and convenience store candy.


And on that note, I'd like to give a shout out to Boris from Jaffe Bros. on Yvonne's behalf. You can check them out here.