SweetBricks x Lyft Promo / Selfie Saturday


SweetBricks x Lyft Promo



Look out for Jena, Desiree, or Yvonne on Lyft! They're driving around those SD streets meeting new people, giving our cute sparkling water, and sampling toffee. Let us know if you recognize a SweetChick for a craft candy prize!


P.S Try not to eat smelly burritos in the car, please.  


Selfie Saturday 

Yes, I know it's a Wednesday, but our computers were a little funky this past week. 



We have no idea where Desiree (top left) got that wig. 

Jena (top right) has absolutely no idea what's going on, or she surprised herself. 

Yvonne's (bottom left) clearly very into it. 

And Monica (bottom right) is a nun. Or something. 

All in all, this is what we send each other every day and it's pretty perfect. 




Have a great rest of your week!