Happy New Year! January 13 2015

So, we're back from our long and very much needed Holiday Vacation.  Last year in a nutshell was... AWESOME! crazy..but awesome.. anyhow, we opened up shop again Jan 10th right in time for some great news..

ready for it?!

We'll be going up to LA this weekend to film on our favorite network!!? PSSHH way to show up 2014.. 2015.. We are super excited for this great opportunity and for everything we've had since the opening of our storefront... And most importantly for you all, for enjoying our Toffees and putting up with our craziness.. we promise it's only going to get crazier.  Stay posted for more news on the SweetChicks adventures.. 

btw.. have you tried the Fig + Pistachio Toffee?!  It's ridiculously good.