Donuts in Space and in our bellies April 17 2015

So there are these two Swedish brothers who took a donut to space via weather balloon, pretty neat. Check out the article!

Meanwhile, back on Earth the SweetChicks were stuffing their faces with the finest donuts this city has to offer. 

Here are some of our favorites spots:

The Basic.

Rose Donuts - 5201 Linda Vista Rd #100 San Diego, Ca 92110

Rainbow Cake Donut.

Yeah, you know that one. 

The Specialty.

Nomad Donuts - 4504 30th St, San Diego, Ca 92116

Vanilla Bean Old Fashioned.  

Because no one else makes and Old Fashioned like this one right here. 

The One That Makes You Reevaluate Your Life.

StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee - 4002 30th St, San Diego, Ca 92104

Key Lime Pie. 

I think Jena ate most of this one without realizing what the heck t is was at first.

The Vegan.

Donut Panic - 6171 Mission Gorge Road #113, San Diego, Ca 92120

Rose Cardamom.

It's so unique and so perfect.  

mmm donuts...