2019 Holiday Season Details October 22 2019

Last Fall/Winter was the first season that I ran Sweetbricks solo, while working as a full time caregiver to my mother. It was a challenge to say the least! Mom requires round the clock care, and I only have someone to help with her a few hours a day. During my free time, I'm volunteering as a manager of a High School Chicken farm with over 200 chickens five days a week. I also work on the district level with Nutrition Services to help bring healthy campus- sourced/grown food into the cafeterias. My ultimate goal is to return to school to study Animal Health Technology next Fall. 

I was on the fence about accepting Sweetbricks orders this year, but due to overwhelming demand, I'm going to be accepting a few orders. Each order placed directly supports me and my family, which also allows me to support my community. 

I am placing a few restrictions on orders. I'm ordering a set amount of supplies and ingredients, so once I sell out, thats it. I'm only making 4 flavors: Cookies n Cream, Bonfire S'mores, Salted Dark Choc Walnut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. There is a $1000 minimum for custom orders. I'm only shipping orders TWICE (in two large batches). Once the week of November 18th, and the second time the week of December 16th. All of these guidelines will allow me to fill orders, while keeping my family the priority, 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding! 
Jena Perez-Cleaver 

** There will be small amounts of product available at my Pop-up at 828 G Street SOON.