Why Sweetbricks DOES NOT support small business saturday: November 24 2015

Say what?? Let's break it down one time:
1. Everyday should be small business day
2. This is a day hosted by American Express - a global financial powerhouse (not exactly what you would call a small business!)
3. It costs small businesses more $$ to swipe an American Express card than other cards per transaction. Therefore, this is just a day created to benefit a large corporation (just in a much sneaker way than Black Friday!)

What are we going to do about it? We will set aside 3% of every CASH transaction that comes through our shop this SATURDAY (the amount that it costs us to run an AMEX transaction) and DONATE it to a LOCAL business of our choice. That's what we think small business is, and we hope you will come out to support us and every San Diego small business. Please repost this, spread the word, and we LOVE you all!!!