Hello, Cannabis. Goodbye, Sweetbricks. May 24 2017

Hello, Cannabis. Goodbye, Sweetbricks.

As you may have already heard, we partnered up with Jetty Extracts last year to begin infusing our toffee with cannabis. Since then its been a tug of war between our two brands for our time and attention. It finally makes sense to combine the two brands, and become the first cannabis edibles company to sell a non-medicated/infused version of our product. We have moved our Oakland production back down to San Diego! Check out our interview with ABC News below for more info :)

What does this mean exactly?
You will still be able to purchase the regular cannabis-free toffee, but only in a limited amount of flavors, and under the Mind Tricks name. Current flavors include Bonfire S'mores, Cookies n Cream, PB+J, Salted Dark Chocolate Walnut, and Coconut Cream Pie. Our non-medicated toffee is made in a separate facility.

How do I purchase the medicated candy?
You can currently find our cannabis products at 100+ dispensaries throughout the state of California. Click here for a list of locations in your area. A Medical Marijuana card is still required to purchase. Click here to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card online. You can also purchase directly from us in San Diego ONLY with free local delivery. We do not currently ship cannabis products. 100mg bags are available in the flavors listed above at $14 each. Please be patent as we add these to our website, but until then email Jena@sweetbricks.com to place your order, and schedule a delivery.

We appreciate your patience while we convert our website from Sweetbricks to Mind Tricks. Packaging styles for our non-medicated candy may vary as we make the transition. 

We understand if our new operations conflict with your personal preferences, so if you would like to be removed from our newsletter, please shoot us an email, and we appreciate your past support!