What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Danielle Brown

I'm going to take a wild guess and say you don't know what you'll be doing on Valentine's day with that significant other. But boy, are you in luck!

We've planned something extra special this year for you guys. Besides doing same day deliver on your Valentine's order, we have a special event that day as well.

If you're a regular with us, I'm sure you've heard us say here and there how awesome our neighbors are in East Village. Although we no longer have our store front (sad face), we will be doing a Pop-Up event!!! Guess where??? At our friends Boutique Vino Wine Shop & Hangout. Located at 923 E Street, San Diego, Ca.

Yes, that's correct! We're back at it again with a toffee and wine/champagne pairing!!! So grab that significant other and tell them to wear their best stretchy pants that day.

Justus and his wife are so amazing! Their shop is full of interesting small batch wines. And get this, they'll be throwing something extra in just for you guys that day. Justus told me to let you guys know and I quote, "We are going to do a bunch of champagne by the glass that day, usually we never do, and 10% discount on anything that bubbles with toffee purchase".

But they aren't the only ones doing cool stuff. This past month the Sweetchicks have been working on EXCLUSIVE flavors for this toffee pairing. We'll be having a few never before flavors that will only be available at this event! THOSE FLAVORS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ONLINE.

So what are you guys waiting for??? It will be an all day thing at their shop so feel free to come and go as you guys please. The Sweetchicks hope to see you there!

We're so excited for this, we hope you guys are too!

That's all for now folks,


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