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Danielle Brown

Hey nerds, Danielle again!

A lot has been happening here at the Sweetbricks shop. We are quickly approaching our busiest time of the year and we could not be more excited!!!

For all of you that follow us on Instagram (if you don't, do it now...DO IT! @Sweetbricks) we've been posting the new products that have been added to the shop. It's true, we're not only selling toffee now! Don't believe me? Come stop by to check them out for yourselves. A few of our buddies have their own businesses across the states and we are supporting their products.

First off, have you guys ever tried "nut butter"? Sweet baby Jesus. 5150 Nut Butter is now available in our shop AND in 3 different flavors. (The Health Nut, GLUTTEN FREE Cookies & Cream, and the seasonal flavor Pumpkin Spice) Sold at $8 a jar there's no excuse to not come down & buy a jar, or two, or three. Hey! Who are we to judge?!

Next, this one's for the fellas. Now it's your turn to be the eye candy. Our good friend Savoy has stocked up our shop with his line The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. Yes you guessed it. BOW TIES and not to mention ties, pocket squares, and cute little fabric corsages to pin to your coat. With these styles you'll be sure to impress the ladies. ;)

Have you guys heard of Sweetcicle's? They are these vegan soft chews crafted all the way from the Big Apple and sent here to our shop. To best explain it, they're licorice. Available here in two flavors: Peach with a hint of Elderflower and Meyer Lemon. These delicious 4 oz. bags can be purchased at $7.95.

If I haven't given you guys enough reasons to get you down here, I have one more! Leccare Lollipops. These cute little hand-crafted suckers (ahh, no pun intended) are available in our shop in a variety of flavors and only ninety-nine cents. Say whaaat?! Holla for a dollaaaaa!

Must I say more??????? Come on nerds, get your butts down here!

***On a side note, we want you guys to be aware that we won't be fulfilling any online orders starting October 24th and ending November 11th. Just so we're clear, you're more than welcome to place your online order. We just won't be fulfilling any until after the 11th due to a wedding celebration. That's right, Jena's tying the knot!!! Congrats to the lovely couple and we wish them nothing but the best on the next chapter of their lives together.

Thank you guys so much for being the awesome customers you are. We truly appreciate it. Talk to you soon Sweetbrickers, stay posted.



*drops the mic*

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