2019 Holiday Season Details October 22 2019

Last Fall/Winter was the first season that I ran Sweetbricks solo, while working as a full time caregiver to my mother. It was a challenge to say the least! Mom requires round the clock care, and I only have someone to help with her a few hours a day. During my free time, I'm volunteering as a manager of a High School Chicken farm with over 200 chickens five days a week. I also work on the district level with Nutrition Services to help bring healthy campus- sourced/grown food into the cafeterias. My ultimate goal is to return to school to study Animal Health Technology next Fall. 

I was on the fence about accepting Sweetbricks orders this year, but due to overwhelming demand, I'm going to be accepting a few orders. Each order placed directly supports me and my family, which also allows me to support my community. 

I am placing a few restrictions on orders. I'm ordering a set amount of supplies and ingredients, so once I sell out, thats it. I'm only making 4 flavors: Cookies n Cream, Bonfire S'mores, Salted Dark Choc Walnut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. There is a $1000 minimum for custom orders. I'm only shipping orders TWICE (in two large batches). Once the week of November 18th, and the second time the week of December 16th. All of these guidelines will allow me to fill orders, while keeping my family the priority, 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding! 
Jena Perez-Cleaver 

** There will be small amounts of product available at my Pop-up at 828 G Street SOON. 

Hi. It's been awhile... March 12 2019

Hey Toffee Heads, 

I was hoping to update my blog at the beginning of the year, but here I am in the middle of March. As some of you may already know, I am currently working completely solo on Sweetbricks. My husband and I have moved in with my quadriplegic mother to manage her care, so Sweetbricks has taken a bit of a backseat, but I'm still happy and grateful to fulfill your custom order requests. This new schedule allows me to still run this business that I love so much, and spend more time with my family. 

One of the things I'm most excited about is my current collaboration with Good Stuff Cookie Co. I met Darcie and her brother Jay (5&A Dime) 10 years ago (omg!) through the local cycling community. They've always been huge supporters of every random project I've put together, so to finally be working on a project together, is kinda a big deal.

Every month Good Stuff Cookie Co. and Sweetbricks will offer a themed box filled with exclusive cookie and toffee flavors, and occasionally other surprises. Be sure to subscribe to Sweetbricks newsletter and social media outlets for the most up to date info (because I'm a terrible blogger). 

In addition to the monthly box shipments, I have a small shelf at their physical shop in downtown San Diego!

Thank you to everyone who already ordered our February and March boxes!



Sweetbricks Pop-Ups September 04 2018

Thanks to everyone who came out on Tuesday!

 917 E Street is now Elixir Wax Bar, but we're partnering with them to bring you Sweetbricks Toffee Pop-Up every other Tuesday. In addition to this, we will be bringing a new flavor with us each time. New flavors will also be for sale on the website each Tuesday until they sell out. 

Future Pop-up Dates at 917 E Street San Diego CA 91902:

October 23rd 2pm-7pm

Future Pop-Up Dates at 828 G Street San Diego CA 91902:

October 11th 12pm-whenever we sell out!


Questival 2017 September 16 2017

The Sweetbricks and Mind Tricks Toffee teams are doing some exciting team building this weekend, and participating in the Questival 24 hour adventure race in San Diego. We still have 18 hours to go, but we'll update more photos after the event! 


April Fools Day April 01 2017

Desiree's Used Car Tent Sale:


Happy Spring! ūüĆ∑ūüĆĻūüĆĽ March 22 2017

Spring is here!!! We can not believe how fast the months are going by! The Sweetchicks have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing some new Spring flavors just for you guys. :)

There are a handful of flavors we have prepared. Jena doesn't want me saying too much yet but I can say they're going to be cute, colorful and fruity flavors we're sure you nerds are going to love.

You might have already noticed "carrot cake" is already available on the website. That's a popular Spring flavor we had to bring back. Not to mention, I created my own flavor "coconut granola" that just got released as well!  Also, we just posted earlier this week a fun Spring mix box. As of right now, you can choose any flavors to come in your box. They are available in two sizes only. The 1/2 pound box which is decorated with a green ribbon with white rabbits on it and then there is the 1 pound mix box that has a tan ribbon with the same white rabbit logo. Just keep an eye out on our website and Instagram for when those new Spring flavors will be available to the public!

Side note: we will be vending at a special event coming up next month. If you're all about the Sweetchicks you already know that Jena is a loving mother to two dachshunds.


This is Waffles and Peaches.

I love these knuckleheads to death!!!

So in honor of these two and all other wiener dogs out there, we'll be selling Sweetbricks at a local event. Here's the information below:

...and the first few people to find us with get a special prize!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you nerds there and if any questions don't feel obligated to reach out to us.

Thanks again guys and stay tuned for more!!!



Valentine's Day 2017 February 13 2017

Alright nerds, this blog is going to be short and sweet.

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and we are ready! We hope you guys are too.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we have a special event in store for you tomorrow! Our good friends Justus and Michelle are so kind for letting us do a pop-up event at their shop, Boutique Vino. The Sweetchicks will be there tomorrow from noon 'til 6pm (or for less time if we sell out). That's right, we have LIMITED batches available.

You can pick up a pre-packaged Valentine's pound mix box. But wait, there's more!!!

As promised, we came up with an exclusive flavor only available tomorrow at this event. We put our heads together and came up with a Strawberry Taro flavor!

And as I had said before, Boutique Vino is doing a sale to top it off! A 10% discount is available on anything that bubbles with toffee purchase.

I think I've said enough. So for all you procrastinators, stop by tomorrow and get that last minute gift! It surely won't disappoint.

Thank you guys again for all the love! Have a safe and wonderful Valentine's day!



What are your plans for Valentine's Day? January 28 2017

I'm going to take a wild guess and say you don't know what you'll be doing on Valentine's day with that significant other. But boy, are you in luck!

We've planned something extra special this year for you guys. Besides doing same day deliver on your Valentine's order, we have a special event that day as well.

If you're a regular with us, I'm sure you've heard us say here and there how awesome our neighbors are in East Village. Although we no longer have our store front (sad face), we will be doing a Pop-Up event!!! Guess where??? At our friends Boutique Vino Wine Shop & Hangout. Located at 923 E Street, San Diego, Ca.

Yes, that's correct! We're back at it again with a toffee and wine/champagne pairing!!! So grab that significant other and tell them to wear their best stretchy pants that day.

Justus and his wife are so amazing! Their shop is full of interesting small batch wines. And get this, they'll be throwing something extra in just for you guys that day. Justus told me to let you guys know and I quote, "We are going to do a bunch of champagne by the glass that day, usually we never do, and 10% discount on anything that bubbles with toffee purchase".

But they aren't the only ones doing cool stuff. This past month the Sweetchicks have been working on EXCLUSIVE flavors for this toffee pairing. We'll be having a few never before flavors that will only be available at this event! THOSE FLAVORS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ONLINE.

So what are you guys waiting for??? It will be an all day thing at their shop so feel free to come and go as you guys please. The Sweetchicks hope to see you there!

We're so excited for this, we hope you guys are too!

That's all for now folks,


Happy New Year! January 05 2017

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

What a great year it was for Sweet Bricks and we have you nerds to thank.  Seriously, we couldn't have done it without you guys. We don't know about you guys but our 2016 was great!

The holiday season is over and we're so happy to have made it through all the hoopla. A big thank you to you guys for ordering and choosing Sweetbricks for your holiday gifts. But we're not going to stop there. Valentine's Day is next month!!! Ladies and gentlemen, you know what to do. Start hinting to that special someone and be sure to nail the right flavors at check-out. We'll do the rest. ;)

As you guys may already know by now, we closed our storefront in Downtown San Diego. The rumors are true, we're moving up North!!! The election made a huge impact on Mind Tricks. We're preparing to open a co-retail shop. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! Half Sweet Bricks, half Mind Tricks!!! You don't need to thank us. But of course, we couldn't leave you guys. Sweet Bricks is still available to purchase on our website and we are going to continue to ship both domestic and international.

We also encourage you guys to check out

And just in case you guys miss our nerdy faces, we will continue doing Pop-Up events for now. We will be sure to keep you guys posted with that information when the time comes.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Sweetchicks, that's all the news we have for you as of right now. Bring it on 2017!!! We are ready for you guys!





What's new October 22 2016

Hey nerds, Danielle again!

A lot has been happening here at the Sweetbricks shop. We are quickly approaching our busiest time of the year and we could not be more excited!!!

For all of you that follow us on Instagram (if you don't, do it now...DO IT! @Sweetbricks) we've been posting the new products that have been added to the shop. It's true, we're not only selling toffee now! Don't believe me? Come stop by to check them out for yourselves. A few of our buddies have their own businesses across the states and we are supporting their products.

First off, have you guys ever tried "nut butter"? Sweet baby Jesus. 5150 Nut Butter is now available in our shop AND in 3 different flavors. (The Health Nut, GLUTTEN FREE Cookies & Cream, and the seasonal flavor Pumpkin Spice) Sold at $8 a jar there's no excuse to not come down & buy a jar, or two, or three. Hey! Who are we to judge?!

Next, this one's for the fellas. Now it's your turn to be the eye candy. Our good friend Savoy has stocked up our shop with his line The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. Yes you guessed it. BOW TIES and not to mention ties, pocket squares, and cute little fabric corsages to pin to your coat. With these styles you'll be sure to impress the ladies. ;)

Have you guys heard of Sweetcicle's? They are these vegan soft chews crafted all the way from the Big Apple and sent here to our shop. To best explain it, they're licorice. Available here in two flavors: Peach with a hint of Elderflower and Meyer Lemon. These delicious 4 oz. bags can be purchased at $7.95.

If I haven't given you guys enough reasons to get you down here, I have one more! Leccare Lollipops. These cute little hand-crafted suckers (ahh, no pun intended) are available in our shop in a variety of flavors and only ninety-nine cents. Say whaaat?! Holla for a dollaaaaa!

Must I say more??????? Come on nerds, get your butts down here!

***On a side note, we want you guys to be aware that we won't be fulfilling any online orders starting October 24th and ending November 11th. Just so we're clear, you're more than welcome to place your online order. We just won't be fulfilling any until after the 11th due to a wedding celebration. That's right, Jena's tying the knot!!! Congrats to the lovely couple and we wish them nothing but the best on the next chapter of their lives together.

Thank you guys so much for being the awesome customers you are. We truly appreciate it. Talk to you soon Sweetbrickers, stay posted.



*drops the mic*

Hispanic Heritage Month September 24 2016

Hey Nerds, it's Danielle! Figured I'd give this "blogging" thing a shot. I asked Jena and Des for any suggestions and they mentioned to hit the topic of Hispanic Heritage Month before September is over. So take a seat and let's get started!

Let's begin with my family background. My mom was born and raised in Tijuana with her mother having a background from Sinaloa and her father having come from Sonora. She moved to the US at the age of nine, where she learned to read and write English by the age of fifteen. On the other hand, my dad was born here in San Diego. His dad was born and raised in South Carolina and his mom has Native American blood. In other words, my dad never learned to speak Spanish. In his defense, he understands some words more than others but can't hold a conversation other than a welcoming, "Hola, como estas?...Muy bien gracias." Despite that tiny detail, my parents have been happily married for almost 30 years. But my mom knew it would be important for my brother and I to learn to speak both languages equally. I am extremely grateful to be bilingual. It has helped me all throughout my years in school and so far in the workforce.

For all of you that don't know me, my biggest passion is Ballet Folklorico. If you're not quite familiar with what the heck that is, here's a definition I pulled up online, "Baile folklórico, literally "folkloric dance" in Spanish, is a collective term for traditional Mexican in dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics - pointed toes, exaggerated movements, highly choreographed."

It all started at the age of four. One Saturday morning, my mom decided to take me to our local rec center down the street from the house because she heard there were having ballet folklorico classes for all ages. As soon as I walked in, I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful skirts moving in every way to the very popular Jaliciense, La Negra. From that day on, I was part of Ballet Folklorico Ixtlan de Zeret Lara for many years. I made several friendships along the way and I even made the dance instructor my godmother during the time of my "quinceanera." Once I got into high school, I then joined Ballet Foklorico Chula Vista and by my senior year, my high school teacher began his own group. Grupo Folklorico Ti-Pai given by the instruction of Eduardo Romero began December 2014 and I am still dancing with them to this day. It's been fifteen years since I started dancing (I'll let you guys do the math) and I plan on dancing for another fifteen more.

Dancing ballet folklorico and being bilingual has brought so many amazing opportunities in my life. From participating in competitions and workshops, to being televised on NBC and KUSI, to being interviewed for local newspapers, and to even winning scholarships in high school. But above all, dancing has helped me gain knowledge regarding my ancestry. I'm grateful for all the opportunities of being a proud young hispanic woman has brought to me in this community.

I encourage all my readers to take time out of their day to do some research on your family background. Who knows, you might find something quite interesting. Please feel free to give me some feedback. Thank you to all who stuck through my very first blog. I appreciate the love guys!



P.S. I hope all my Nacho Libre fans caught that sign off and read it in Jack Black's character LOL!

Easter Candy March 25 2016

Hi there…. Do you like candy in your Easter Basket or Spring time candy fun?

Come by Sweetbricks and fill up on Easter/Spring candy!!!
My favorite spring toffee is Carrot Cake Toffee!!!
Have a Sweet weekend!!!
The new kid,

Hi! I'm the new Sweetbricks kid. March 22 2016


My name is Sarah, I like buttons and vintage suitcases!

I have an A.S. In pastry arts and culinary arts. 

I am stoked to be here in the land of Toffee!!!!!

Also, I love sharing my love of toffee with all of you! 

Come by and get your favorite toffee and say Hello!!!!


Valentine's Day UPDATE February 14 2016

We are no longer accepting delivery order for Valentine's Day, however, you can receive a FREE delivery via Postmates! Just order via their website or app. You will receive your order within 1 hour :)

Use the following code on Postmates for FREE delivery: WAWYN


Please call us with any questions! 844-738-6333

Valentine's Day 2016 FAQ February 12 2016

Hey Nerds, 

Can you believe its already Feb?? Time is flying, and so is the toffee. We are selling and producing double the amount of candy we did last year, and its a great feeling!

Although its too late to ship anything before Valentine's Day, you can still pick up from our shop, or place an order online for a local San Diego delivery. Simply choose "In Store Pick Up" or "Local Delivery" as your shipping method in the shopping cart. 

All Valentine's Day deliveries will be made between the hours of 9am-5pm. We deliver within a 15 mile radius of Downtown San Diego. 

We also have Chocolate Covered Strawberries available this weekend ONLY. 

Okay, so this wasn't exactly FAQ style, but you get the point :) If you have any questions please give us a call at 844-738-6333.


Oh, and if you feel like sending a Valentine our way, we love pizza ; )



Jena & Desiree

Growing Pains December 11 2015

"I wish I could take the risk and start my own business."

I hear it at least once a week. We get to meet all kinds of super talented people everyday, but most of them are terrified of walking away from their day jobs to pursue a passion.

Two years ago Desiree and I walked away from our desk jobs to make candy full time. Neither of us went to business school, heck, I didn't even graduate college (I may have the record for most drop outs at The Art Institute), and we certainly are not chefs, or even cooks. So why did we think we could open an all toffee shop in San Diego, and even manage to keep the doors open for more than a few months?

Honestly, I don't know why. We believed in the product, that's for sure, but we had no idea what we were doing, or getting ourselves into. All we knew is that we were having fun and learning new things everyday. We've done so many things wrong, backwards, and always come out laughing. When we first opened, I had a customer in the shop ask me "Do you like working here?". I thought to myself, "I like working here so much that I put in 20 hours days and work for free!". And that's reality for most small business owners.

It's hard to justify that selling candy is helping the world, or even your local community, but Sweetbricks isn't just about candy for us. It's about connecting with our community, specifically other business owners. You have to be a little bit crazy to make the jump into this world, so we are just fascinated to hear the story of each entrepreneur we meet. 

We're not experts in anything. We're just making this up as we go. So why are we still here? Because we're not afraid (and a new Ramen place is opening a few doors down. Not trying to miss out on that.) We are starting to understand that you can't start a business and have your only goal be financial success. You have to contribute to something. You actually have to care. You may be the most successful person in the world, but The Golden Rule still applies. 

What do we care about? Other small business owners. We walk in their shoes everyday. We know the struggles and the joys. We know they need help, and a few more hours of sleep. "I don't have time" is their tagline. We care about their projects as much as we do ours. We truly believe that helping each other out trickles down to so many awesome things. Sweetbricks is proof of that. 

We don't want it to end. We now face our biggest challenge yet. Asking for help. We pledge to do all we can to help our community while we have this opportunity. We want Sweetbricks to be a vehicle for positivity, happiness, and maybe a few cavities. 

Why Sweetbricks DOES NOT support small business saturday: November 24 2015

Say what?? Let's break it down one time:
1. Everyday should be small business day
2. This is a day hosted by American Express - a global financial powerhouse (not exactly what you would call a small business!)
3. It costs small businesses more $$ to swipe an American Express card than other cards per transaction. Therefore, this is just a day created to benefit a large corporation (just in a much sneaker way than Black Friday!)

What are we going to do about it? We will set aside 3% of every CASH transaction that comes through our shop this SATURDAY (the amount that it costs us to run an AMEX transaction) and DONATE it to a LOCAL business of our choice. That's what we think small business is, and we hope you will come out to support us and every San Diego small business. Please repost this, spread the word, and we LOVE you all!!!

I Love Poke Festival 2015 May 23 2015

Last year was our first year at the I Love Poke Festival and it was amazing! We're excited to be going again on Tuesday, May 261th, 2015. We'll be featuring TWO flavors this year, so hurry and get your tickets at We'll have mountains of Coconut Macadamia Toffee and Coconut Cream Pie Toffee!! See you there!

Donuts in Space and in our bellies April 17 2015

So there are these two Swedish brothers who took a donut to space via weather balloon, pretty neat. Check out the article!

Meanwhile, back on Earth the SweetChicks were stuffing their faces with the finest donuts this city has to offer. 

Here are some of our favorites spots:

The Basic.

Rose Donuts - 5201 Linda Vista Rd #100 San Diego, Ca 92110

Rainbow Cake Donut.

Yeah, you know that one. 

The Specialty.

Nomad Donuts - 4504 30th St, San Diego, Ca 92116

Vanilla Bean Old Fashioned.  

Because no one else makes and Old Fashioned like this one right here. 

The One That Makes You Reevaluate Your Life.

StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee - 4002 30th St, San Diego, Ca 92104

Key Lime Pie. 

I think Jena ate most of this one without realizing what the heck t is was at first.

The Vegan.

Donut Panic - 6171 Mission Gorge Road #113, San Diego, Ca 92120

Rose Cardamom.

It's so unique and so perfect.  

mmm donuts...



SweetChicks love Tacos April 04 2015

You might be thinking to yourself, yeah, I love tacos too, but we have a sick and perhaps borderline obsession with tacos. San Diego has nothing but great food and best of all, some of the best tacos known to man.  What's not to love? Corns tortilla, piles of spiced meats, fluffy guacamole clouds and spicy salsas that will give you the breath of a hundred fire breathing dragons. Quite a visual huh? 

Anyways.. All tacos are not created equal, so here are our favorite tacos separated into categories. 

Best Fish Taco

TJ Oyster Bar -  4246 Bonita Rd. Bonita, Ca 91902

The Fish Taco

'nuff said.

Best Street Taco

¡Salud! - 2196 Logan Ave. San Diego, Ca 92113

Carne Asada Taco

No bougie tacos here. This taco may be basic, but it's no punk.

Best Specialty Taco

Tacos Perla - 3000 Upas St. San Diego, Ca 92104

The Ocho

Ok, this one needs a description, ya'll ready?!

Braised and Grilled Octopus, Poblano peppers, Peppers AND Cheese. Somebody come slap me!

The taco that makes you feel like somebody owes you money.

City Tacos - 3028 University Avenue San Diego, Ca 92104


Now, this one right here. I wish ya'll could see my face while I'm typing.  

Pulled lamb, wild mushrooms, cotija cheese, tomato, cilantro and fried leeks in a chipotle cream sauce on a house-made corn tortilla. 

I'm sorry I need a moment.......

All these fine establishments not only have killer tacos, but the staff and management are the most down to earth and welcoming people we've ever met!

This is no yelp review... go see for yourself.. 

Stay tuned for more on our favorite foods. 


The SweetChicks

We've Lost Our Damn Minds April 04 2015

Starting today, we will be releasing a new toffee flavor every Tuesday. How long will this go on? No one really knows, but be sure to follow us on Instagram to vote for the new line-up. The flavor combos are about to get intense, and we are not holding back. Don't say we didn't warn you. #ToffeeTuesday

SweetChicks Uber Drivers! March 09 2015

As most of you know all three of us ladies drive for Uber as a marketing tool, and a way to grow our business. We were featured in the Uber Driven Women video, so check it out!!

Uber Driven Women from Drewfoto on Vimeo.


Sweetbricks on Food Network! March 09 2015

Yeah, Sweetbricks, Food Network. We make fools of ourselves on social media everyday (seriously, follow us on Instagram), so why not national television? We're appearing on a new show called Food Fortunes, Monday, March 9th 7pm PST 10PM EST. Click the link below for more information:

Valentine's Day...again!? January 28 2015

All the single ladies...! Buy yourself some toffee ; ) But seriously, we have some pretty amazing Valentine's exclusive flavors this year. First is our Cherry + Almond Toffee. Tart dried cherries, organic dark chocolate, California almonds, and pink Himalayan salt. Knockout. Then we have our Strawberry + Habanero. This bad boy will kick you in the pants and shout profanities at your grandmother. Sweet dried strawberries, white chocolate, topped with Habanero infused salt from San Diego's own Salt Farm! If you don't know Salt Farm, I'm pulling your SD card. Get outta here.

Happy New Year! January 13 2015

So, we're back from our long and very much needed Holiday Vacation.  Last year in a nutshell was... AWESOME! crazy..but awesome.. anyhow, we opened up shop again Jan 10th right in time for some great news..

ready for it?!

We'll be going up to LA this weekend to film on our favorite network!!? PSSHH way to show up 2014.. 2015.. We are super excited for this great opportunity and for everything we've had since the opening of our storefront... And most importantly for you all, for enjoying our Toffees and putting up with our craziness.. we promise it's only going to get crazier.  Stay posted for more news on the SweetChicks adventures.. 

btw.. have you tried the Fig + Pistachio Toffee?!  It's ridiculously good. 


San Diego Magazine November 23 2014

The SweetChicks have had one heck of a weekend. Between the Holiday Tasting, the overwhelming holiday orders and making toffee while listening to all the Phil Collins our heart desires, we've been working hard on getting these gift boxes ready for the folks over at the San Diego Magazine. We had a lot of fun putting these together.  Check em' out!

Also, we'll be carrying a limited amount of Holiday gift boxes in the store for all you great gift givers out there. Nothing says Happy Holidays better than a box o' Sweetbricks.

Don't want to pick it up? We'll deliver it, but don't expect a Christmas carol until after Thanksgiving. 

PS. look for us in the next issue of the San Diego Magazine. :)






Holiday Tasting Aftermath November 22 2014

We want to thank everyone who came out last night to the Sweetbricks Holiday Tasting. A big thank you again to our friends at Freakin' Lazer Beams and Mr. Geoffrey Redd, Yarns & Noble. We had a great time seeing all your faces. We had a great response on the new holiday flavors. The most popular flavors were Fig + Pistachio and GIngerbread, sold out in the first hour!! Limited amount of Pumpkin Spice Toffee available in store, come grab one before it's gone til next year, but we'll be keeping the rest of the Holiday Flavors until Dec 31st.

White Chocolate Peppermint

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Fig + Pistachio


Milk and Cookies

Also, last night our friends at Just Another Art Gallery and Pokez brought us in some new faces. We realized how lucky we are to be part of this block. We're planning to put on some events collectively, so we'll be keeping you posted! We look forward in seeing you at the next event!  



Thank you @BALISANBIRD for capturing this photo of us! 

SweetBricks Holiday Tasting November 19 2014


The holidays are creeping up on us, and what better way to kick them off then with a little sampling of our newest Holiday flavors?

Come see us Friday, November 21st 2014 at 5pm and enjoy a glass of wine and our Holiday toffees! Our friends from Frickin' Lazer Beams will be there with lasercut crafts and jewelry as well at the talented Geoffrey Redd, Yarns & Noble with handcrafted pieces for purchase. 

Brings your friends, get a head start on your holiday shopping. Who says no to free candy? Unless of course it's out of a van. 

See you there!



Company Holiday Orders November 12 2014

The holidays are almost here, and its time to start taking custom orders for your company gifting. We offer 2oz bags that are the perfect size to give to your clients or employees. For an additional fee, we can create a custom label with your artwork or company logo (minimum 250 pieces). Contact Jena today for more information! 

Jena Perez


July Already?? July 02 2014

At SweetBricks, we have a way of keeping news quiet until the last minute. It's useful to surprise our fans for maximum excitement - because toffee is pretty dang exciting. Tomorrow, Jena, Yvonne and Desiree will be on Fox 5 San Diego talking shop and toffee right in time for Independence Day weekend. We'll be live on air at 9 am - and yes we're aware that we have to get up early, but we probably wont go to sleep because we'll be making toffee all night and while listening to Phil Collins' dreamy tunes. 

[Click here to watch it live!]

vvv Jena even designed some custom SweetBricks baseball tees. vvv 


On Friday (which is 4th of July for those of you who've been living under a rock), the SweetBricks store in Downtown San Diego will be open from 10am to 1pm. The store fully stocked with our most popular flavors in 4oz and 8oz bags:

-Salted Dark Chocolate

-White Chocolate

-Cookies and Cream

-Chocolate Peanut Butter (Featured on San Diego Magazine)

-Bottom of the 9th  (Our most patriotic flavor)

You can also purchase these flavors online and have them shipped nationwide. If you have any requests for new flavors, let us know and we will take them into consideration for our next batch of SweetBricks craft candy. Be safe this weekend and enjoy yourselves! 



P.S. Is anyone as into the World Cup and Tim Howard as I am? 





Selfie Saturday: Father's Day Edition June 14 2014

We're so thankful to all you fathers out there who make things a little more awesome each day! Keep doing what you do. We dedicate this collage of our faces to the dads... and anyone else who might stumble upon this. Don't forget we're selling our Rocky Road toffee flavor exclusively for Father's Day! We're open from 12-5 tomorrow, offer delivery, curbside pickup, and ship nationwide!





By the way, I think this edition is my favorite so far. 




Notoriously Big Things Are Happening June 06 2014

Sorry we've been a little quiet in the blogosphere lately, we have some other things that are taking up all our time. 


First off, WE'VE MOVED! Newer, better location on on E Street in Downtown San Diego in East Village right in between Pokez and Acme. The address is now

917 E Street San Diego, CA 92101




I'd also like to note that we're in cahoots with the Andaz. They're so freaking hip just look at those rooms! So pretty much... it looks like we're going to start having our toffee inside of everyone's rooms for you to eat instead of dumb commercial candy! 



But let's not forget father's day coming up. Now what exactly do you get a dad/father figure on father's day? I only know toffee. Help. 








Do Not Fear- SelfieSaturday Is Here! May 31 2014

As promised, Selfie Saturday is here. Time to take a breather and appreciate our faces. 


Top left we have Chester The Dog. He's probable staring into your soul right now.

Middle: Jena's driving for Uber now so you will most likely without a doubt see her driving around those Downtown SD/North Park streets. If you're nice enough, you'll get some of that SweetBricks craft candy. 

And at the bottom, we have the ever so lovely Yvonne and Desiree at the I Love Poke Festival just doing what they do 2nd best- making faces and taking pictures for this blog :)

*The 1st best thing they do is make toffee. Obvs. 



Have a great rest of your weekend!

SweetBricks x Lyft Promo / Selfie Saturday May 21 2014


SweetBricks x Lyft Promo



Look out for Jena, Desiree, or Yvonne on Lyft! They're driving around those SD streets meeting new people, giving our cute sparkling water, and sampling toffee. Let us know if you recognize a SweetChick for a craft candy prize!


P.S Try not to eat smelly burritos in the car, please.  


Selfie Saturday 

Yes, I know it's a Wednesday, but our computers were a little funky this past week. 



We have no idea where Desiree (top left) got that wig. 

Jena (top right) has absolutely no idea what's going on, or she surprised herself. 

Yvonne's (bottom left) clearly very into it. 

And Monica (bottom right) is a nun. Or something. 

All in all, this is what we send each other every day and it's pretty perfect. 




Have a great rest of your week!

Star Wars Day Toffee May 04 2014

May the 4th be with you. Yes, it's Star Wars day, and it's no secret that SweetChicks are definitely a fan. So much so, that we made a special flavor! Corn flakes crunchy topping with a blue milk layer on top of our famous buttery toffee. Here's the catch: we're not selling online or in the store. To order an 8oz bag, text "Use the force" to 619.292.1978



First Look! May 01 2014

Our very own pop-up shop along with The Good Stuff Cookie Co. at The Headquarters in Seaport Village in front of Starbucks. 
We're here for 1 month, so stop by anytime from 10am-9pm. 


P.S We got some air conditioning in the shop at 9th & E street! 





Good things are nice. 


Address for our Seaport Village location is:

789 West Harbor Drive. San Diego, CA 92101