SweetBricks x Lyft Promo May 01 2014

SweetBricks x Lyft Promo: Every 5th person in the San Diego area who scores a ride with a SweetBricks car and says, "sweet deal" gets a free bag of craft candy toffee!

Stay tuned for profiles on our SweetBricks x Lyft drivers!

Pop-Up Shop at Seaport Village April 28 2014



Yes, it's been so very difficult to keep this bottled up for some weeks now. Having to keep something like this hidden while figuring out the details is tough, but necessary. That's why we're so excited to finally let you guys know about SweetBricks + The Good Stuff Cookie Co. opening a pop-up shop in Seaport Village at The Headquarters. Yup, now two locations to get your sweets fill, plus the best cookies ever. Opens May 1st! 


Organic Ingredients Pt. 1 April 23 2014

I may be biased, but sometimes, the toffee we make is more of a sensory experience- usually paired with a good cup of coffee. The taste, smell, and overall feel of something we make for you in our San Diego kitchen has a lot to do with where we get our ingredients. What I'm saying is that our nut-infused craft candy would mean little to nothing without Jaffe Bros. They're a small, local farm located in Valley Center that sells what they harvest as raw an untreated as can be. If you've been watching SweetBricks over the years, you've seen that our prices have gone up a bit. Naturally, it's the only way to make up for all of the organic ingredients we use in our toffee. Sure, it might be the difference in taste, but it's also the difference between handcrafted candy and convenience store candy.


And on that note, I'd like to give a shout out to Boris from Jaffe Bros. on Yvonne's behalf. You can check them out here.



How-to for Cinco de Mayo April 21 2014

The not-Mexican-independence-day (but we'll go with it anyway) is just around the corner. Pretty much all of us are of some sort of hispanic descent so we think it's appropriate to start getting ready for Cinco de Mayo which brings along our signature Mexican dark chocolate toffee flavor. For what it's worth, everything is handcrafted. So much. Like you have no idea. 


Here's a "how to" on making some rad Cinco de Mayo decor. 

1. Design. We're so lucky Jena is around or else we'd be screwed.


2. Lay the stencil. There's black tissue underneath btw.  



3. Cut. 



4. Display.


Hopefully you didn't mess up too badly. C ya l8r suckerz.



Hope you had a great Easter! April 21 2014

We certainly did. These are some QT photos from Jena's family's get-together where they literally made a fruit cake. Just because we're SweetBricks doesn't mean that we're constantly eating toffee. Also, isn't she the freaking cutest?





National Pretzel Day = Pretzel Toffee Flavor? April 18 2014

Yes, yes, and more yes. Since we're all settled in our store, we're now getting to do what we've always wanted to do: make more flavors!


National Pretzel Day is April 26th which only means that we're bringing back one of the best flavors (one of Jena's all time favorites). Introducing Salted Dark Chocolate Pretzel toffee. In fact, we had to close a little early last night just to make our first small batch of this über tasty craft candy.

We're celebrating until the end of the month or until we sell out... limited bags available.

Stop by at our store or order it in a 4oz bag as well as our classic 8oz bag. 



Buy Salted Dark Chocolate Pretzel toffee flavor here!



More Variety! April 18 2014

You asked for it so we're making it happen. We're selling 1/4lb (4oz) sizes in all flavors! It's more of a personal sized toffee treat if you ask me but maybe I'm just biased. Be sure to call, order online, or come pick up in store to start the best part of your day. 


Oh, and you should all get super stoked because there are very exciting things in the works. And of course, we're still hosting our Easter Instagram Giveaway. Do it and you can maybe win free toffee. Pretty much a win-win situation. 


Candy in San Diego just got a lot better. 




NEW: Key Lime Pie and Raspberry Cream Toffee April 14 2014


Easter is coming, passover is here, and our kitchens are working full throttle (probably listening to Phil Collins), that can only mean one thing: new Easter toffee flavors! These are super exclusive and are available for a limited time only. Who needs convenience store candy after Easter brunch when you can have local, gourmet, unique, handcrafted toffee with your family made by the SweetChicks you love?! Candy in San Diego just got a lot more exciting. 


Note: These are the flavors offered during our Easter Instagram Giveaway! 


Key Lime Pie 

Creamy white chocolate infused with organic lime on top of our famous toffee and a layer of graham cracker crust.


Raspberry Cream

Creamy white chocolate infused with organic raspberry on top of our famous toffee and a layer of graham cracker crust.


Still Happening: Our Easter Instagram Giveaway ends Saturday, 4/19



Easter is Coming April 13 2014

San Diego candy lovers unite!



New Exclusive Flavors for Easter!

We're pretty stoked to unveil our new Easter toffee flavors! We have Key Lime Pie and Raspberry Cream coming here real soon (we're making it right now) for everyone to enjoy. It's the perfect thing to give as gifts to family members after brunch or maybe in some kind of special gourmet candy egg-hunt.




Smaller Bags

SweetBricks is also happy to introduce smaller bags of SweetBricks toffee for those of you who'd like to pay a little less than what we normally offer. They're super cute and all the tags are handcrafted (duh.)




Easter Instagram Giveaway Starts Today

In the mean time, we're hosting our very own Easter Instagram Giveaway! All you need to do is repost the photo with #sweetbricks and follow us on Instagram. We'll pick the winners on Saturday, April 19th 2014.







P.S Winter is coming (in like 9 months for my Game of Thrones fans)

Thanks for Coming to Our Party! April 12 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to support SweetBricks at our Grand Opening Party last Saturday. We had a great time seeing both familiar and new faces... in fact, we saw so many faces, we had to stop letting people in because we were so busy! We even sold out of a few of our favorite flavors but there's no need to worry because we're always making more toffee. We just appreciate you all for coming to the party, and even if you didn't come, we still thank you for your support and invite you to come into the shop. Stay tuned for more special events and limited edition flavors. 



P.S An additional thanks to Monkey Paw for letting us use your tap for the brew... we <3 u.


Store Hours April 07 2014

We know delivery and whatnot can be a hassle so we opened a store complete with curbside pickup


curbside pickup (verb): 

The ability to pick up your SweetBricks toffee (online or phone) by driving up to our store and we bring out your order. No parking necessary. 



That means no fumbling around for loose change or worrying about parking. 



Monday-Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm



We hope to see you soon!

TODAY IS THE DAY! April 05 2014

Come to SweetBricks for our Grand Opening Party!

First 100 In The Door Get a Golden Egg! April 04 2014

First 100 people through the door tomorrow get a golden egg. Some contain prizes that can be redeemed at our Grand Opening Party tomorrow at 6pm. It's like our contemporary, modern take Willy Wonka. Be there or be really lame. 


Wheat paste floor to ceiling April 03 2014

We're so close to Saturday (our grand opening party, only 2 days away) and we still have to get projects done. It's always a little crazy here, but I just think it's more fun that way. Who needs boring-sore-loser-ugly white walls when you can get this?



Couldn't have done it without Mr. Randal Hollis @rdhollis







Whoops. We got inked. March 30 2014

We all got Theobromine (chocolate) Molecule tattoos


We did it. It happened. Theobromine4lyfe. 





So, this happened. We're so stoked! March 30 2014

Meet Abby! March 27 2014



Meet Abby!
Even though she may seem shy, She's extremely social, always down for a crazy adventure around San Diego. In her spare time she can be found enjoying good beer, or dancing Hula and Tahitian. Even though she's studying at SDSU as a criminal justice major, she wants to pursue a more creative path working with people.

Surprise! Store Opening in 1 hour! March 26 2014

We're so excited for our doors open for the first time in less than one hour! We'll be open from 12-6pm on the corner of 9th and E st. Come! 


Meet Monica. We're expanding! March 26 2014

Since we've added a new storefront into the mix, we've decided that our team needs to get a bit bigger. Yes, in this case, bigger is better. 


Monica - The Youngin'

Meet Monica, one of the newest member of our team at SweetBricks. She’s currently studying film and television at San Diego State University and performing improv comedy at National Comedy Theatre. Any way you look at it, she has a passion for laughter. Monica loves living in Normal Heights and is constantly looking for the best restaurants to try out. You can catch her updating our tweets, posting a little too many cat pictures, or drinking some really good coffee. 


One more addition coming on it's way!

In Store/Free Curbside Pickup Available Now March 21 2014

Guess what, no more waiting long, grueling hours or paying an extra fee for the toffee arrive. You can pick up toffee in our new store. We'll even bring it out to the curbside free of charge so you don't have to pay for parking. Trust me, I love instant gratification as much as the next guy.

We are opening a store! March 01 2014

Join us Saturday April 5th for our store opening party! 6pm.



After putting our storefront on hold following the fire in 2011, we have finally found the perfect location!

Our new store is located at:

920 E street Suite 102 

San Diego Ca 92101


Opening is scheduled for April 5th 2014, but be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for progress and updates! 

Valentine's Day 2014 February 08 2014

Listen guys, we know you probably hate the hassle of finding something to give your gal for Valentine's Day. We both know she doesn't want drug store chocolates, and she deserves better. Luckily, Sweetbricks delivers candy on Valentine's Day all over San Diego. We will deliver right to her home or work. All you have to do is click, call, or email. We will take care of the rest! 

All orders will be delivered on Valentine's Day between the hours of 9am-8pm. Specific time deliveries are available for an additional fee. Please call 619.292.1978 for more information. 

Ladies, our unisex boxes are a great gift for the special guy in your life too!

We will be taking orders ON Valentine's Day until 6pm!

Sweetbricks Available at Pigment! December 11 2013

You can purchase our toffee products at Pigment in North Park again! 



The Pigment Story

Pigment began as an idea between husband-and-wife duo Chad Anglin and Amy Paul. The two decided to open up shop in 2007, initially as a way to showcase Amy's artwork with the goal of supporting other local artists and artisans as well. Inspired heavily by nature and their love of design, the 1,500 square foot space has flourished into a carefully curated one-stop shop for art, flora, furniture and thoughtful gifts.



10 AM - 7 PM MON-SAT*
10 AM - 5 PM SUN



(619) 501-6318




3801 30TH ST. 

2nd Annual Green Flash Grand Holiday Marketplace Event December 09 2013

Come meet the Sweetbricks girls Saturday, December 14th from 12pm-6pm at the Green Flash Brewery in Mira Mesa. Sample our toffee and enjoy a beer while you shop for all your holiday gifts. We have a limited stock available and we'll be featuring special holiday flavors.

Also, don't miss your chance to win a Holiday Gift Box, so come early and don't miss out!

We'll see you there!

SWEETBRICKS IS BACK! November 19 2013

So earlier this year we announced that Sweetbricks was closing it's doors forever...apparently this was a huge mistake. Our mail quickly filled with messages of concern, appreciation, confusion, you name it! The demand grew as summer ended, and our awesome customers began asking about Sweetbricks plans for the holidays. 

I knew I couldn't bring Sweetbricks back alone, but my two amazing friends stepped up to help me make it happen. Check out the "Our Story" page to learn more about the girls. 

We are very excited to be back, but we are doing things a little differently this year. We are only offering a limited amount of bags, and ALL orders placed will ship/deliver the second week of December. We WILL sell out, so be sure to get your order in soon :)

Keep checking the blog/facebook/instagram for updates on what retailers will be carrying Sweetbricks, and what holiday events you can find us at. 

Thanks again for all the love and support!

- Jena

Green Flash Brewing Co. - Black IPA Release Party and Pairing February 11 2013

 We are teaming up with another local brewery to bring you more tastiness! A launch event to debut Green Flash’s Black IPA – the 1st release in Green Flash’s Hop Odyssey series.  The event will serve as the kickoff for the beer’s national release, and attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a sweet food pairing with toffee by Sweetbricks as well as take home a limited release commemorative Hop Odyssey glass with purchase of new the beer.

Event is Tuesday the 12th at 4pm. See you there!

Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery Valentine's Event Feb.14th February 07 2013

 Head on over to Monkey Paw in East Village to check out the Valentine's Day beer release/candy pairing. They will be showcasing a Stout with spices that they have paired with our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee. The toffee samples are limited so don't lag on this one! Click the banner below to visit the Monkey Paw site.

Monkey Paw 

805 16th Street 

San Diego CA 92101


Valentine's Day 2013 February 07 2013

 Listen guys, we know you probably hate the hassle of finding something to give your gal for Valentine's Day. We both know she doesn't want drug store chocolates, and she deserves better. Luckily, Sweetbricks delivers on Valentine's Day all over San Diego. We will deliver toffee candy right to her home or work. All you have to do is click, call, or email. We will take care of the rest! 

Ladies, our unisex boxes are a great gift for the special guy in your life too!

We will be taking orders ON Valentine's Day until 3pm!

Sweetbricks reviewed by FatGuy Food Blog January 13 2013

The awesome guys over at FATGUYFOODBLOG recently gave us an awesome review that we wanted to share with you. They rate and review some of the newest and most interesting snack foods out there. The blog is witty, hilarious, and will make your mouth water. Check out their blog and the great write up they did on Sweetbricks! 


Last minute holiday gifts hand delivered right to your home or office! December 21 2012

If you live in the San Diego area, its not to late to order Sweetbricks for all your last minute gifts! Need a large amount of bags to give out at the office? Ask about our bulk discounts. We will be making deliveries all over San Diego County this weekend. All you have to do is order and we will take care of the rest!

Ordering options:

Call us directly - 619.292.1978

Order online

Email -

How to make your own Toffee Vodka December 20 2012

 Sweetbricks has always been an easy gift to give to family and friends, but this year we wanted to give them something a little different. Everyone likes vodka, right? Sweetbricks + vodka seems like the best solution. Here's what we did:


What you'll need:



Flip top bottles

Break up the toffee into pieces and fill the bottle about 1/3 of the way with the toffee. 



Add vodka. 



Shake every few hours for 2 days or until the toffee is completely dissolved. Thats it! You can add a gift tag or even your own label for gifting. Yum. Let us know how yours comes out!


The Random Call December 17 2012

 A few days ago I received a call from a blocked number. I don't usually answer blocked calls, but for some reason I did this time. I answered with my usual "Sweetbricks, this is Jena". A woman answered back with an accent that I immediately recognized as a New Yorker: " Hi my name is Melony, I own a small company in New York called Ohmigod Cookies." She went on to tell me that she had also been invited to include her product in the Emmy Swag Bags, as we had. She read online that we had done it in the past, and wanted to know if it was worth all the time and effort, especially during a busy holiday season. We chatted for awhile about our experience with running a small sweets business, and the call ended with a "thank you". 

When I got to my computer later in the day I looked up her website. Having an East Coast born mother who was always a baker, I was familiar with the style of cookies I found on their site. Italian cookies done right are a rare treat for us here in San Diego, so I ordered a package of each flavor they offered. Not too long after I ordered I received another blocked number call. It was Melony again. She couldn't believe that we had ordered some of her sweets and was shocked by how similar our story was to hers. Melony's son Matthew started the business to honor his father who passed away. I'm so glad that I answered that call. One of the best things about owning a business is having the opportunity to meet new people everyday, but sometimes it happens in such a strange meant-to-be sort of way that I can't help but share it with everyone. 

By the way, the cookies have arrived and they are DELICIOUS! I highly recommend the Rainbow Cookies, as they have already disappeared completely from my moms house. 

Peppermint Bark Meets Toffee, Exclusively at Pigment December 15 2012

 You can get peppermint bark just about anywhere this time of the year, but peppermint bark toffee!? Yes, it has happened and it is only available at Pigment. The good news is you can walk in whenever you want to buy some of these sweet holiday treats. The bad is these are not available for sale on A limited quantity of bags are available, so don't miss out!

Sweetbricks Available at 5&A Dime for the Holiday Season! December 15 2012

 Jay and Darcie over at 5&A Dime our some of our favorite people ever. As the owners of the neatest men's clothing boutique in East Village (all of San Diego actually). We have worked with them on all sorts of projects and events in the past, and its always a blast. Sweetbricks will be available at the shop for the holiday season!  

5&A Dime is located in East Village just a few blocks from the Gaslamp Quarter:

701 8th Avenue  San Diego, CA 92101 

Corner of 8th & G street.

Fan of the Month: Michelle Smith November 27 2012

We love our fans! So many awesome, talented, and interesting people. Starting with December, we want to highlight a different person each month. This month we want you to meet Michelle Smith. She is a local San Diegan, avid bodybuilder and figure competitor. We asked Michelle a few questions. Here are her answers:



1. What inspired you to get into body building?

                What inspired me to do bodybuilding / figure competing I would say it was being fascinated with how their bodies looked.  My brother in law competed and just watching and learning the concept I was eager to try it out.  So I ran in to a few friends whom started showing me the ropes in the gym and from there it became a reality.

2. What are your hobbies or interests besides body building?

                I like spending time with my husband and daughter age 6.  While competing the last 4 years took me away from home so much I felt there was so much time I needed to make up.   I also now love going to Birkham Yoga and attending Cross Fit 3 to 4 times a week.

3. What is your favorite work out?

                My favorite workout is my back I love watching the muscles build in that area through every exercise.

4. What’s your favorite muscle?

                My favorite muscle are my shoulders I love the how square my body looks due to my shoulders especially once it is time to hit the stage and my shoulder caps are nice and round

5. How do you incorporate Sweetbricks into your diet regime?

                Of course I knew this question would come lol.  I incorporate them on a refuel day.  What that means I have 1 to 2 days that I give myself a little treat and that is the time I seem to run for my bag of Sweetbricks it gets no better than a delicious toffee to satisfy that sweet tooth.

6. What do you like most about working out?

                I love how working out gives me the energy to get through my day.  Nothing better to build the strength of the body through weights but also getting up as early as your body lets you and to get a fresh cardio session in just makes me feel refresh all day long.

7. Any advice you would like to give to aspiring body builders besides eating a ridiculous amount of Sweetbricks right before a competition?

                I’d like to say that if you are interesting in the bodybuilding world or the woman’s figure or bikini world that it’s very possible have not doubts in yourself make that decision to start a healthy lifestyle.  Though living a healthy life style not just about competing or being a body builder is simply feeling good in your body.  To begin this lifestyle start using baby steps and go from there.  It is a process and it does not happen overnight so if there is one advice I can leave you with is be patient be consistent and never give up.  If you fall off the wagon the key is to get right back on right then that moment begin a new start and soon enough it will come, you will have created a routine.  Anyone can be fit and healthy now it’s up to you to start the path to the healthy lifestyle.

8. What's your favorite flavor of Sweetbricks?

                I have to say I have two favorite Sweetbricks.  I’ll just say OMG Cookies N Cream is the best.  I bought this bag for all my good friends as a treat for after competition.  I also just love the White Chocolate Toffee.  But I have to say I heard about a new flavor which is called Avalanche Toffee a mix of White Chocolate & Cranberry for the Christmas season I have to say that will be the next flavor to try I am sure I will not be disappointed.  As all the other Sweetbricks flavors have been simply decadent as they melt in your mouth.

Local shops and restaurants now carry Sweetbricks October 27 2012

 Sorry for the lack of updates! We have been very busy coming up with new flavor ideas and getting ready for the holidays. We have a lot of exciting news and events coming up. 

A lot of our customers have been asking where they can pick up a bag of Sweetbricks in San Diego without ordering it online. You can now get Sweetbricks at Pigment in North Park and Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills. 

Pigment is an awesome family run shop in North Park specializing in home decor, gifts, and art. You can easily do all your holiday shopping here. We definitely plan to!

Brooklyn Girl Neighborhood Restaurant & Pantry is located in the Mission Hills neighborhood. Amazing food, unique cocktails, and Sweetbricks toffee. What else could you want?