SweetStuff May Box


See product photos for examples of card designs. Floral designs may vary.

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May boxes ship May 8th and 9th depending on shipping destination.

 Each box contains the following:

-Custom Printed Mothers Day Card (choose 1 of 3 designs)

-Sweetbricks 1/4lb Milk Chocolate Walnut Toffee - My mothers original recipe! Classic milk chocolate, with walnuts and a sprinkle of pink salt

-Sweetbricks 1/4lb Fluffernutter Toffee - My Mom is from New York and LOVES Fluffernutter sandwiches. This flavor features marshmallow, peanut butter, crunchy peanuts, Mazapan candy, and graham crackers.

-Good Stuff Cookie Co. 1/2 Dozen Jar Chocolate Chip Graham Cookies - The only person who could get me to finally give in and make a chocolate chip cookie is my mom! Like many people my earliest memories in the kitchen are making cookies with mom. Since everyone has a favorite chocolate chip cookie from home I couldn't just make a regular chocolate chip. This cookie is a soft baked graham cookie loaded with Rich milk chocolate chips. Love you Mom! - Darcie

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